Toronto shares an ambitious climate target with other world cities like London and Washington, D.C. – reduce emissions by 80% by 2050. But how do we get there? After more than two years, the TransformTO team – consisting of TAF, City staff, and independent experts, has the answers.

Read the TransformTO summary report: 2050 Pathway to a Low-Carbon Toronto

Our analysis shows that without stepping up the pace, we will miss our 2050 target by 8.7 MT of GHG emissions. The good news is that hitting the target is viable with existing technology, and generates a lot of community benefits and cost savings (you can find the full staff report here).

Toronto is already a climate leader in many ways, but to reach our target we have to take bold action immediately in key areas like reducing energy waste in buildings and electrifying transit. The City needs to follow through on existing commitments (e.g. the Long-Term Waste Strategy and funding of transit plans), fund the TransformTO short-term strategies Council approved last year, and initiate three acceleration campaigns that lay the groundwork for the widespread lowering of emissions. The three proposed campaigns are in areas in which we can achieve the largest emissions reductions according to our modelling:

  1. Mobilize Low-Carbon Neighbourhoods
  2. Prepare for Electric Mobility
  3. Develop the Workforce for High-Performance Buildings

The TransformTO research and recommendations will go to the City’s Parks and Environment Committee next week Thursday, May 4. If you wish, you can express your views by sending an email to the committee clerk or depute at the meeting (be sure to include agenda item PE19.4 in your message). Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates.