Toronto has achieved a 25% reduction in GHG emissions city-wide since 1990. Our next milestone is to reach a 30% reduction by 2020, and an 80% reduction by 2050. The next phases of reduction will be even more challenging to achieve than the first 25%, because they will require major changes to transportation systems, buildings, and lifestyles.


To address the challenge of deep carbon reductions, we need enhanced information and a clear plan that can set us on a course to successfully achieving our goals. Transform TO is a project that will compare and contrast different ways the City could achieve its GHG targets, considering the implications for other city goals like improving public health, supporting the local economy, and strengthening social equity. The project will use a combination of technical data modelling approaches along with community stakeholder engagement to develop a strategy for achieving our long range GHG targets while supporting a broad range of other city goals. The refined model will be used to support a set of key recommendations to City Council on the policies required to ensure the City meets its GHG reduction targets.


The Toronto Atmospheric Fund and the City of Toronto Environment and Energy Division are jointly advancing TransformTO, with key leadership from Toronto Public Health. As part of the TransformTO project, further collaborations will be sought with City of Toronto divisions, community groups, the Provincial government, Academia, business, and other stakeholders to bring multiple perspectives to the design of the strategy.


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