TowerWise New Buildings



90% of new residential construction in Toronto is condominiums. Virtually any building, even new buildings, has the potential to improve energy performance by adopting the right mix of energy-efficient equipment. TAF has been active in the green building sector since 2005, when it started developing the following programs:

  • The Green Condo Loan is a financing structure that offers loans to condominium developers and pays for energy-efficient measures incorporated during construction. The Green Condo Loan paid for energy-efficient measures undertaken during the construction of Tridel’s Nuvo II building leading to its LEED Silver designation and a drop in energy use equivalent to 550 tonnes/year in GHG emissions.
  • The Toronto Green Standard was developed by TAF and City of Toronto to establish requirements that energy efficiency in new buildings are at least 15% better than the standards set out in the Ontario Building Code.

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