Toronto, ON – The Atmospheric Fund (TAF) supports financing for energy efficiency retrofits as a key focus for the Canadian Infrastructure Bank (CIB).

Buildings are a key source of greenhouse gas emissions in Canadian cities and the built environment constitutes a major infrastructure asset. Energy retrofits earn a financial return, reduce emissions, and improve indoor comfort and air quality.

“The Canadian Infrastructure Bank represents a golden opportunity to dramatically accelerate energy retrofit activity across Canada,” Julia Langer, CEO of The Atmospheric Fund said. “By using its capital to de-risk and leverage private capital, the CIB could easily yield a financial and environmental ROI.”

Energy efficiency is increasingly referred to as the “first fuel” because it is by far the most cost-competitive way to serve energy needs.

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Founded in 1991, TAF’s mission is to invest in urban low-carbon solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. The City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario have endowed TAF with $40 million to serve the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. To date, TAF has invested more than $50 million, helping Toronto shave more than $60 million from its energy bills, and contributed to a city-wide reduction of GHG emissions to 24% below 1990 levels. For more information about TAF’s projects and partners, please visit

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