We know what we don’t like. We hate being stuck in traffic, wasting our valuable time. And we certainly don’t like the long line ups for over-stuffed streetcars and subways. Yet, historically, we’ve balked at the prospect of paying to fix the problem.

But have we reached a tipping point? Are public attitudes starting to shift? A new Angus Reid poll commissioned by Move the GTHA seems to indicate that this is the case. It shows that 87% of residents in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area believe that public transit should be a regional spending priority. The poll also defies the idea that transportation improvements help only drivers, or only transit riders: 80% of respondents said that better transportation options benefit everyone. (For a summary of findings see CodeRedTO.)

GTHA residents also seem ready for a political leader who will prioritize transportation investment – 59% of respondents said that they are more likely to support a leader who proposed one or more funding options to directly support transportation improvements in their community.

This topic is hot and getting hotter as the Liberals prepare to table the provincial budget on May 1st –knowing there may be a possible election after that. This week, Move the GTHA hosted a teletownhall meeting that gave GTHA residents a chance to ask questions directly to Premier Wynne on her transit funding plans via conference call. More than 20,000 people called in over a two-and-a-half hour period.

Decision makers take heed. People are paying attention to this issue, and they appear to be good and ready for a fully funded plan of action.



CodeRedTO infographic for Move the GTHA

CodeRedTO infographic for Move the GTHA