FleetWise EV300


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Moving people and goods by vehicle accounts for 38% of Toronto’s greenhouse gas emissions and is a major source of air pollution. TAF has been working since 2007 with operators of public and private fleets to encourage and support adoption of low/no-emission electric vehicles (EVs). In jurisdictions like Ontario, where much of our electricity is generated by lower carbon sources, replacing fossil fuel cars with EVs would result in a net carbon and air pollution reduction.

If just 5% of vehicles in Toronto were replaced with electric vehicles, more than 250,000 tonnes of GHG emissions would be reduced annually.

Electric vehicles could greatly reduce carbon emissions and air pollution in Toronto, but with few currently on the road, we know little about how these vehicles work in real life. To build experience, TAF ran the EV300 pilot between 2010 and 2012, working with public and private fleet managers incorporating electric passenger vehicles into their fleets. TAF monitored the use and performance of over 50 new electric fleet vehicles to generate key lessons, summarized in a findings report.

For more information on FleetWise initiatives, contact Ian Klesmer.