Regional expansion



On TAF’s 25th anniversary in 2016, the Province of Ontario announced it was investing $17 million in a new endowment for TAF.  With approximately 30% of Ontario’s greenhouse gas emissions originating in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA), many more low-carbon solutions are needed in the region to achieve Ontario’s ambitious climate protection targets.

The new endowment will allow TAF to expand its horizons and work with regional partners to mitigate emissions, leveraging the expertise and approaches accumulated through our 25 years of climate action in Toronto.

To achieve high-impact, low-carbon results across Ontario, TAF has proposed a plan to accelerate greenhouse gas emission reductions in cities, with a focus on the GTHA. TAF’s new investment and mandate will provide us with the authority, tools and resources to tackle climate change mitigation opportunities GTHA-wide. This includes supporting urban climate champions across the GTHA and throughout the province, accelerating solutions particularly in the building and transportation sectors, and fostering the synergies and partnerships to incubate the next generation of innovations.

Toronto Atmospheric Fund became known as The Atmospheric Fund.

Read the backgrounder about TAF’s expansion.