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Resilience in 2050: An interview with futurist Sanjay Khanna

April 4th 2017 80x50-blog

Sanjay Khanna is a futurist, speaker, and thought-leader who sits on the advisory group of the City of Toronto and TAF project, TransformTO.  This is the fifth interview in our TransformTO Talks series with multi-sectoral experts.   TAF: Can you tell us about your current work and interest in the [...]


Financing the 21st century: How to follow the money in a low-carbon economy

March 22nd 2017 80x50-blog
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In the lead up to the GLOBE Capital leadership summit, CEO Mike Gerbis reflects on the challenges and opportunities for investors in today’s low-carbon economy. For two decades Mike has advised Canadian corporations, institutions and government on how to create long-term value by addressing environmental, [...]


7 heat pumps perfect for Ontario homes

March 8th 2017 80x50-blog

Heat pumps, the unsung hero of the energy world, are mechanical devices that can harvest renewable thermal energy for space heating and cooling. They’ve been identified globally as a key solution to building and retrofitting low-carbon buildings, and they help consumers save on energy bills. [...]


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