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TransformTO Steps: Tackling costly air pollution through investment in low-carbon actions

November 17, 2017

When it comes to sources of air pollution in Toronto, transportation is king, according to the most recent report from Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health. It's time to act and speed up the switch to low-carbon transportation. It's good for public health and for our climate.

Getting to know the region: Climate action in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area

Focus group session at Vaughan City Hall

November 15, 2017

Following our new $17-million endowment from the Province of Ontario, TAF has been actively engaging key stakeholders to better our regional granting process and hear about climate action initiatives throughout the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area (GTHA).

COMPASS: Better buildings through streamlined energy reporting and benchmarking

October 15, 2017

Energy modelling helps gauge and improve a building’s energy performance before it’s actually built. TAF recently supported the development of a new tool that will help compare and share such energy modelling data across Ontario.

TAF in the Media

Toronto Star: TTC plans to buy first electric buses, targets emissions-free fleet by 2040

November 8, 2017

A report for the TTC board recommends buying 30 battery electric buses by 2019, at a cost of up to $50 million. Electrifying the city’s transit fleet is a key part of the TransformTO climate plan, the article points out.

Toronto Star: Electric cars, bike lanes among ways to reduce Toronto’s air pollution – new report

October 27, 2017

Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health estimates dirty air causes 1,300 premature deaths and says vehicle emissions are the reason. The report by Dr. Eileen de Villa calls for full funding for TransformTO – a recommendation adopted by the Board of Health.

National Observer: Who hid the electric car?

September 12, 2017

Across the country, Canadians eager to buy an electric vehicle can’t find one. That’s why a number of organizations – including TAF – are promoting a new campaign called EVChoice.ca. The goal: to get federal rules in place that give all Canadians a broad choice of EVs.

Media Releases

Toronto amps up climate leadership with new construction standards

Urban construction

October 13, 2017

Committee approval for the new Toronto Green Standard, co-developed by TAF together with the City, is a major step forward on the path to near-zero emissions construction. A key element of the TransformTO climate plan, the new standard will reach City Council in November.

The Atmospheric Fund VP Tim Stoate appointed to new Green Ontario Fund Board

August 30, 2017

TAF welcomes the appointment of its VP for Impact Investing Tim Stoate to the board of the newly-formed Green Ontario Fund. The fund will help reduce energy costs for homeowners and businesses while reducing Ontario’s carbon emissions.

Toronto renews climate leadership with unanimous TransformTO vote; collaboration key for plan’s success

July 4, 2017

The Atmospheric Fund (TAF), project co-lead for TransformTO, welcomes City Council’s unanimous approval of the ambitious climate plan. We now call on the provincial and federal governments to help us refine, fund, and implement it.

TAF E-News Archive

80×50 E-News November, 2017

November 14, 2017

There's plenty of news on TransformTO: Toronto's Board of Health calls for full funding for the plan to tackle air pollution, TAF and the City share a prestigious award for the climate change plan, and an exciting TransformTO-inspired photo contest kicks off.

80×50 E-News October, 2017

October 24, 2017

Toronto is making progress on key stepping stones for the TransformTO vision with committee approval for the Toronto Green Standard 3.0 for new buildings and making the Bloor bike lanes permanent. New York City ups the ante with a new ambitious climate plan that would set mandatory energy efficiency targets for existing buildings.

80×50 E-News September, 2017

September 15, 2017

Read our latest e-news: Climate disasters from B.C. wildfires to Hurricanes Irma and Harvey show the need for action. Plus, Ontario launches the Green Ontario Fund, which will help drive down emissions across the province. TAF VP Tim Stoate has been appointed to the board of the new fund. Also, e-mobility is on the rise around the world, so where is Canada?

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