Evergreen – $90,000
Move the GTHA Phase II: Continued delivery of backbone resources to support a cross-sector collaboration which promotes the need for increased public investment in regional transportation infrastructure.

Evergreen – $20,000
Tower Renewal Showcase: Concept development proposal to develop costing scenarios and a detailed business case for using infill developments to finance tower retrofits.

Pembina Institute – $76,200
Location Efficient Development: Development of a strategy to promote location-efficient development in the Greater Toronto Area.

Environmental Defence – $300,000
Ontario and the Clean Economy: Development and implementation of a bold provincial climate change strategy to support Ontario’s 2020 greenhouse gas reduction targets.

Project Neutral – $15,000
Measuring and Strengthening the Impact of PN’s Neighbourhood Climate Action Model: Design of an evaluation strategy to assess the greenhouse gas impact of Project Neutral’s work and develop clear metrics to inform its future interventions.


City of Toronto – Environment and Energy Division – $200,000
Live Green Toronto EcoEnergy Pilot: This three-year pilot will target 1,000 single-family homes and 100 multi-unit buildings to undertake energy retrofits using a new property-attached financing mechanism (Local Improvement Charges, or LIC) that will use a City-managed revolving loan fund to finance approved home retrofits with repayments made via property tax bills.

Toronto Centre for Active Transportation – $10,000
Dedicated Investment in Active Transportation: Preliminary research and outreach to consider ways to provide dedicated investment in active transportation infrastructure in the GTA.


Ryerson University Centre for Urban Energy – $138,000
Combined Building Integrated Solar and Heat Pump Technology for Net-Zero Buildings: Testing of an innovative solar technology to mitigate the cold weather performance challenges of air source heat pumps with the goal of developing a net-zero heating/cooling solution for homes in Toronto.

Tower Labs @ MaRS – $70,000
Green Building Innovation Enterprise Grant Pilot: Identification, implementation and evaluation of  emission reduction technologies in multi-unit residential buildings and establishment of financing agreements to allow return on investment to TAF should the technology become profitable when scaled up.

Evergreen – $100,000
Development of Move the GTHA: Implementation of an urban social innovation lab to support cross-sector collaborations with the goal of building multi-stakeholder support for investments in regional transit.

Pembina Institute – $100,000
Reducing Urban Freight Emissions in Toronto: Identification of best practices and policy and program recommendations for reducing urban freight emissions along with presentation of these findings to key stakeholders via a thought-leaders forum.


City of Toronto – Toronto Public Health – $25,000
ChemTRAC Pollution Prevention Pilot: Working with Toronto’s business community to identify their needs and develop the business case for air quality improvements and pilot test approaches for reducing key air contaminants in Toronto.

City of Toronto – Transportation Services – $65,000
Electric Vehicle Charging Station Pilot for City “Right-of-Way” Scenarios: Procurement and installation of up to six electric vehicle charge stations in Toronto in order to develop the business case alongside the required City policies/protocols in support of public charge stations in Toronto.

Summerhill Impact – $150,000
Reducing Personal Transportation through Market Incentives (Shuttle): Pilot testing of a project to better understand how Torontonians commute and how they might be encouraged to reduce their fuel consumption via in-vehicle monitoring, driver training and market-based incentives.

Toronto & Region Conservation Authority – $40,000
Geothermal Assessment & Best Practices Development for Urban Areas: Research to capture independently-verified data from existing geothermal systems in the Greater Toronto Area  to inform a best practices guide on procurement, siting, installation and commissioning of these systems in urban areas.

York University – $35,000
Research on Renewable Energy Charge Stations for Electric Vehicles: Analysis of practical data on the environmental and business case for building and operating standardized renewable energy charging stations to complement electric vehicles in Toronto.

Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations – $25,000
Retrofit Gap Tax Policy Initiative: Advancement of energy efficiency retrofits by improving the financial metrics for these investments through amendments to Federal tax policy options.

Centre for Social Innovation – $20,000
Workspace Hubs Feasibility Study: A study on establishing a regional network of shared workspace hubs inside the planned Mobility Hubs of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area to reduce car trips & transportation emissions.

City of Toronto – Fleet Services – $50,000
Operational Efficiency Plan and Cost Reduction: A comprehensive fleet review to gain information about operational characteristics and to provide implementation strategies to reduce emissions and achieve cost-savings opportunities for the City’s fleet.

City of Toronto – Parks, Forestry & Recreation – $19,000
Electric Vehicles in Parks Feasibility Study: A feasibility study on the business and environmental case for switching the parks fleet to electric vehicle alternatives.

City of Toronto – Renewable Energy Office – $25,000
Use of Urban Forestry Resources as Biomass: Identification of the GHG reduction potential and costs savings associated with using waste wood resources to replace natural gas as a heating fuel in select City facilities.

Evergreen – $10,000
Concept Development for a Green Innovation Lab: Research on best practices for the creation of an innovation lab at Evergreen Brick Works to bring together diverse stakeholders to advance climate solutions.

MaRS Discovery District – $10,000
Community Engagement for the ClimateSpark Social Venture Challenge: Recruitment, engagement and advisory support for investors and social venture project proponents who will be participating in the ClimateSpark Social Venture Challenge.

Pollution Probe – $20,000
Electric Mobility Adoption and Prediction (EMAP) Project: A research project to inform and advance the deployment of electric vehicles in Toronto by mapping the location of early adopter communities and assessing the readiness of the local power services in these communities.

Sustainable Buildings Canada – $25,000
Toronto Green Development Standard Energy Efficiency & Carbon Reduction Plan – Phase I: Identification of appropriate, incremental energy performance levels for the Toronto Green Development Standard by demonstrating the business and environmental case for more energy efficient buildings in Toronto.

Sustainable Buildings Canada – $30,000
Toronto Green Development Standard Energy Efficiency & Carbon Reduction Plan – Phase II: Identification of appropriate, incremental energy performance levels for the Toronto Green Development Standard by demonstrating the business and environmental case for more energy efficient buildings in Toronto.

University of Toronto – Department of Civil Engineering – $25,000
Energy Study of Toronto Multi-Unit Residential Buildings: Collection and analysis of energy performance data from more than 100 buildings in Toronto to develop public policies for energy retrofits and provide a publicly available source of information on the energy performance expectations for various building archetypes.

University of Toronto – Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering – $32,800
Evaluation of ecoDriver & ecoInterface Technologies in Fleets: Evaluation of the impact of an ecoDriver program with an ecological driver interface on a sample of commercial vehicle drivers from the City of Toronto.


Centre for Social Innovation – $57,300
Community Bonds: Empowering Community Finance: Documentation and promotion of the use of community bonds to finance energy efficiency retrofits in community buildings.

City of Toronto – Economic Development & Culture – $15,000
Roadmap for Eco-Business Zones in Toronto: Targeted energy efficiency programs for the business sector.

City of Toronto – Economic Development & Culture – $10,000
Toronto Green Innovation Partnership: Supporting City staff to identify innovative energy cost savings opportunities.

City of Toronto – Facilities Management Division – $12,000
Solar Cooling for Polar Bear Exhibit at Toronto Zoo: Feasibility study for this renewable energy technology to inform adoption at the zoo and other City buildings.

City of Toronto – Toronto Community Housing – $55,000
Garage Lighting Pilot: Technology pilot to compare energy saving garage lighting retrofits across TCH’s portfolio.

Community Power Fund – $75,000
Community Power Capital: Phase I Implementation: Mobilizing private capital required to initiate community power projects.

Environmental Defence – $50,000
Overcoming Provincial Barriers to EVs in Ontario: Resolving barriers to electric vehicle development and deployment in Ontario.

First Work – $48,200
Green Skills Network Pilot Project: A training and engagement program to introduce youth to employment opportunities in the renewable energy sector.

Harbourfront Centre – $54,940
Building Integrated Solar PV Demonstration Project: Establishing the business case for the inclusion of BIPV in the Ontario FIT program. Final project report.

Harbourfront Centre – $50,000
LED Lighting Strategy: Business case, procurement plan and monitoring and evaluation plan for low-carbon lighting on the HC campus.

Ontario Clean Air Alliance – $35,000
Ontario’s New Energy Efficiency Strategy: Economic analysis of best opportunities for accelerating energy efficiency opportunities in the electricity and natural gas sectors.

Pembina Institute – $10,000
Commuter 2.0 Concept Development: Engagement of top employers in Toronto to identify most effective commuter choice programs.

Pollution Probe – $100,000
Business & Environmental Case for Commercial EVs: Evaluation of the business case and environmental impacts of electric vehicles in commercial fleets.

Summerhill Impact – $50,000
Energy Storage Working Group: Assessment of energy storage targets for both electricity and thermal energy.

Toronto Environmental Alliance – $75,000
Building TTCRiders: Launch of a financially-sustainable transit group to engage residents and encourage a modal shift towards public transit.

Toronto Renewable Energy Co-operative – $50,000
SolarShare Energy Co-operative Phase II: Mobilizing private capital for ownership of community-owned renewable energy projects.

Tower Labs Research Alliance – $53,350
High Rise Ventilation Technologies & Business Plan Development: Ensuring publicly available information on the performance of energy efficient technologies for multi-family buildings.

University of Toronto – $10,000
Non-peak Traffic Emissions Assessment: Research on emissions impact in Toronto of off-peak (i.e., weekend) travel to identify potential transportation efficiency options.

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