Toronto Community Housing Corporation – $2,000,000
Multi-Measure Energy Retrofit: TAF is providing a total of $4.2 million for the TowerWise Retrofit project through $2 million in financing, $1 million in third-party finanancing and $1.2 million in grants and utility incentives. Through an Energy Savings Performance Agreement (ESPA), both Toronto Community Housing and TAF will share revenues from the energy savings.


Rouge Valley Co-operative Homes – $352,000
Multi-measure Energy Retrofit: Through a set of energy efficiency measures, TAF aims to reduce the 13-storey building’s carbon emissions by 17 per cent. This will be achieved through a new building automation system, high-efficiency common area lighting, voltage optimization, and a valve to eliminate excess water pressure.

Perth Avenue Housing Co-operative – $316,000
Multi-measure Energy Retrofit: Structured as an Energy Savings Performance Agreement (ESPA), TAF provided financing to the Perth Co-op. The retrofit measures included a domestic hot water condensing boiler, programmable thermostats in the units, weather stripping and air sealing, and an air-cooled variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system for the lobby. Emission reductions are projected to be 33 per cent of 109 tonnes per year.