Investeco – $200,000
Investeco Fund IV: TAF invested in Investeco’s Sustainable Food Fund, which supports companies that improve the sustainability or health of food or agriculture systems and that contribute to carbon reductions, for example, the development of price-competitive, bio-based and compostable plastics.

YMCA – $365,000
Harmonizer Retrofit: TAF financed the installation of an electricity-saving measure called the Harmonizer at six YMCA locations. This equipment helps electrical equipment at the YMCA facilities operate at a  controlled voltage level, reducing energy costs and extending equipment life.


Robert Cooke Co-operative Homes Inc. – $740,000
Multi-measure Energy Retrofit: TAF financed a new, energy-efficient heating and cooling system in this 13-storey building. Hallway lighting has been upgraded and appliances and fixtures – stoves, fridges and toilets – have been upgraded to energy-efficient models in the co-op’s 123 apartments. The financing will be repaid through the energy savings.