On June 11, Move the GTHA released an open letter  signed by 36 organizational leaders representing academia, the health sector, non-profit groups, and the business community urging elected officials to take action on transit investments in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. The letter calls for the region’s leaders to find a way to fund expanded, integrated transportation in the region.
Support for resolution of this issue is growing. After years of consultation undertaken by Metrolinx and municipalities, many feel that now is the time to pick a transit funding model that is dedicated, regionally balanced, fair, and sustainable. As we delay this decision, gridlock worsens, local economic productivity drops, and pollution mounts. Now is the time to act.

TAF is pleased to support and work with the Move the GTHA.  The collaborative is focused on raising awareness of the need for significant investment in improving regional transportation infrastructure. We are particularly focused on the critical role financing decisions will have in improving local air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  We are also encouraging municipalities to leverage any new funding arrangements to accelerate active transportation initiatives, which are relatively inexpensive, quick to implement, and play an important role in connecting people to public transit.

We’re encouraged to see 36 organizational leaders standing behind this call to action. This open letter is just the beginning of a great and growing collaboration.

If your organization wants to voice support for a decision on funding for regional transit expansion, contact Robert Plitt to add your name/organization to the open letter. Also, consider joining many others who are taking the pledge on this issue at www.your32.com.

What do you think it will take to move this issue from debate to action?