An end to coal-fired power in Ontario

Starting in 1997, TAF provided a series of grants to a diverse alliance of groups concerned about the climate and health impacts of burning dirty coal to generate electricity. Members of the alliance, led by Jack Gibbons, held what was considered at the time to be a radical vision: an end, once and for all, of coal-fired power generation in Ontario. This vision was reinforced when Dr. Ted Boadway, then director of Health Policy for the Ontario Medical Association, offered the Association’s support for the cause. But change did not happen overnight. From 1997 to 2006, TAF provided $385,780 in grants to Pollution Probe and the Ontario Clean Air Alliance in support of the campaign to phase out of coal-fired electricity in Ontario. The provincial government responded with a commitment to phase out coal by 2014, and, as of April 8, 2014, Ontario no longer derives electrical power from dirty coal. As a result, GHG emissions in the City of Toronto are projected to go down by more than 68 million tonnes between 2005 and 2024. The end of coal power in Ontario is considered to be the largest single greenhouse gas reduction action in North America, and is a key reason that the City of Toronto has been able to greatly exceed its 2012 greenhouse gas emission reduction target.

TAF was our first funder and they stood with us throughout our 17-year campaign. They understood the importance of phasing out coal and shifting to cleaner and greener energy sources, of putting energy conservation and efficiency first to meet our energy needs and reduce air pollution. It has been a great partnership. – Jack Gibbons, Founder and Chair, Ontario Clean Air Alliance